An issuer that is proposing to apply, or is applying, for admission to trading of any of its securities. London Stock Exchange Glossary

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applicant ap‧pli‧cant [ˈæplɪkənt] noun [countable]
1. a person who applies for a job or a place at a university, or for official permission to do something:

• The starting salary of the successful applicant will be fixed according to experience.

applicant for

• applicants for EU membership

2. FINANCE a person or organization who asks to buy new shares when they are first made available:

• A share applicant can withdraw his application at any time before allotment is made.

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applicant UK US /ˈæplɪkənt/ noun [C]
HR someone who has applied for a job, a place on a course, etc.: »

Many applicants simply don't meet hiring requirements.


The course is popular - it has five applicants for every place.


Successful applicants will be notified in writing.

FINANCE someone who has applied to get something such as a loan or shares: »

Lenders say they treat all applicants the same.

someone who has officially asked for permission to do something: an applicant for sth »

Applicants for planning permission need to follow the correct procedures.

Compare APPLY(Cf. ↑apply)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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